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The Famous Greek Philosopher Helps Me Finish My Screenplay…In One Month?

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Day Nine – Writing

November 18th, 2009 · No Comments · 3x5 Scene Cards, Day Nine - Writing, Folk-Metal, Tyr

Tyr: By the Light of the Northern Star It took a band like Tyr, a folk-metal band from the Faroe Islands, to shake off the cobwebs.

Although I love Classical music, sometimes Chopin’s piano concertos and nocturnes are like a sedative and I feel my wits dulling. At such times, not even Dave Brubeck’s mind-blowing album Time Out isn’t radical enough to yank me out of a self-imposed rut.

But sword-wielding Norsemen can do it.

So my writing has been re-invigorated. But I see issues with my scenes (which I plotted on 3×5 cards in January or February of this year). I think I’m going to have to re-plot Act II before I get too far into it.

Tomorrow, I’ll grab my sword and a tankard of ale and get to it!


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